We had a howl'in good time so we're back again

Feb 24-27, 2005

Los Padres Nat’l Forest & Santa Monica Mtns, Ventura County, CA

We had a great time in 2005. Maybe we will see you next year.

You can now circle in red the week of Feb 22-27, 2005 (Presidents’ Holiday is Monday 2/21) as the chance to really showcase your running talent.  Format remains the same – Scrub Run occupies the 1st two days, the “formal” FourPlay begins on Thursday and continues through Sunday – but don’t be surprised if we dink with a course or two to improve the views and/or evoke expletives.  And once again, EweRit Entertainment UnLtd will host each evening’s agenda…


As hinted at this year’s FourPlay, price of pain will increase a chunk, but we’ll also have lower fares for those opting out of apparel items (some veterans may not want more than one bowling shirt…). Rest assured, your C4P investment will be the best deal in the sport.


We also suspect the number of idiots willing to come to C4P might actually increase this year, but we’ll also make sure the experience remains as personally and privately abusive as the smaller venues afford.  Depending on the early entry enthusiasm, we may need to establish limits on the body count, get committed early!  You just can’t spend 4-6 days with strangers and strange people without making a new friend or twelve, and our intent is to create such an opportunity for you at Coyote.  So, Veterans, sucker a buddy or two into coming (we likes our fresh blood, don’t we, Precious?), but don’t give them any useful intelligence (isn’t that slightly oxymoronic – after all, YOU came last year, and how intelligent a decision was THAT?!!?).   If you have any noble suggestions on how we can improve your experience of C4P next year, keep ‘em to yourself – our goal is to ABUSE you, and you’ll love every minute of it… 


We will provide updates through email and this web site.

If this doesn't convince you to come check out last year's web site: http://gravityh.com/c4p2004entry.htm


H'ard Cohen RD

Chris Scott RD Emeritus



C4P 2005, Coyote FourPlay for those new to the event, will begin on Thursday, February 24 and continue through Sunday, February 27.   We have selected some prime dirt for you and your buddies with runs of 7, 50, 40 and 32 miles, with options for fewer miles each day (or more miles if you get lost).  Each day will be followed with dinner, you as the best entertainment in town, and prizes for those who distinguish themselves.  Once again we will go bowling on Saturday night.  Clothing for bowling night is mandatory and a bowling shirt is just the thing you need.  Form your own four member teams early or give the RDs the pleasure of hooking you up with some new faces.

So, you are from out-of-town and you think you need more time on the Left Coast.  Well, the Scrub Run is for you.  The "Tour de Backbone" will take place over 2 days on the best trails in the Santa Monica Mountains. H'ard will be leading this 100K "warm-up" to C4P and running the Backbone Trail on February 22 and 23.  The Backbone Trail continues to be improved with some new sections expected for 2005. This is a great chance to see the trail, run with your buddies and take in some ocean views with brews.

So mark your calendars, take the week off, practice your bowling, work on your talent (assuming you have some) and get ready for the Coyote Four Play experience.

Word Doc Entry Form

HTML Entry Form


C4P Survival Hints

Who's running this year?  

C4P Belt Buckle (limited supply special order only, not included in price of the event)

Bowling Shirt Colors for 2005

Directions to Howard's place for Scrub Run Trail Briefing

C4P Map


        Ojai 50 Miler start finish line

        Ojai 50 Miler Course Map with mileage

C4P Program

Bowling Roster


 Look forward to seeing you in February!!! 

Link to Previous C4P Races:

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2004 Pictures by Blake Wood

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2004 story by Ultra-g

VHTRC C4P Web site

At the start of the Teaser run in 2004....  All smiles taking on the first of 4 days of running..  Join us this year and find out why they are smiling! 




     "Coyote, Joshua Tree National Park, California" © ImageState   Support out sponsors................they are the best!


C4P Updates:

The final words from 2005:

For you number junkies and over the top competitors, the attached spreadsheet contains my numbers for you.  Yes, a couple are made up, but why should you expect full reality from this end of the conversation?  Because my personal secretary, Rosco the Iguana, hasn't yet trained Excel to add and divide clock hours/minutes, he's used decimal points where colons would normally appear; however, don't read a time of "8.25" to be 8:15 -- it's 8:25.  If it will help, look at the sheet sideways, cross your eyes, and colons should appear to help you distinguish ordinal from clock numbers.  Bolded entries indicate front runner (aka beanie owner) status.  And for the 7th year in a row, Medinger somehow found his way to some prominence in the standings.  Finally, you'll note a few people have two-line entries -- that 2nd line reflecting Scrub days and cumulative miles/time/ pace, without those numbers necessarily aligning with the column headings.
You couldn't enjoy C4P w/o the relentless and seemingly unlimited volunteerism from a very small band of generous people -- those on the JABOY unpayroll and a few from your own ranks who would rather come help put on the party than stay home and miss it.  I remain constantly genuflected (or is that masticated -- I always get those two confused?), to honor their contributions.  You didn't, nor possibly could, buy them enough beers...
From the fortunate position of standing before you at roll call, and in banteringly negotiating your miles on Sunday (ooooh, segue time:  I recant -- Ojai was 52 miles, not 54, since a very reliable GPS says it IS 7.5 miles from Pratt to Gridley Top, so I'm being magnanimous in awarding you 2 extra miles for the day; consistent w/ C4P protocol, you may write in your log book any set of incredibly bogus numbers), I find it impossible to either capture the experience of you and C4P in an executive summary, or bloviate endlessly and nonsensically (as is my custom) about all that occurred through the weekend.  I'll leave that cheerful task to those who wish to share their thoughts and impressions.  
That said, I DO hope that those who took photos will send them to me on a CD.  With your unconditional permission (to say, you put restrictions on photo use, other than giving credit for whose photo is whose, and your CD will become just one more beer coaster), I intend to again create a music and text slide show that may help you, in some skewed fashion, enhance your C4P memory.  Besides, who among your friends/relatives/farm pets would believe your stories of C4P, anyway?
I trust the training miles you found on the trails will serve you well in the coming season of ultras, and the partying miles you created will engender new and stronger ties among the C4P clan at other events throughout the year.  See you on the trails... or sippin' on a brew!!  Happy Trails, kids!!



Bring some of your old running shoes so we can pass them on to Devy Reinstein, founder of Andes Adventures.  A number of C4Pers have been on Devy's Running Adventures and have some great stories to tell.  He provides the locals in Peru and Patagonia with these shoes.   Your support would be greatly appreciated.  You can check his web site for Andes Adventures at:  http://www.andesadventures.com/runadv.htm


Only 67 days left before the next Coyote Four Play event hits the trails in Southern California (65 days for the Scrub Runners).  I was on the Backbone trail today and had the most incredible views of the ocean, islands and the mountains.  I can only hope to have this kind of weather in February but as C4P veterans can attest, C4P miles are racked up snow, rain or shine.

The deadline for the normal entry fee is not until January 10, but look at it this way:  You have a few more days before the holidays are in full swing.  You're hangin' out with your family and buds thinking about how you are going to get those training runs in between all the end of year projects, parties, new lingerie, aunts, uncles, grandma wet kisses and grandpa flatulents.   What better way to justify your 'dancing in the dirt'.... by telling them the C4P story. 

It's not a race, its a running rendezvous.
It's not about running till you drop, it's about saving energy for the evening entertainment... and then dropping.  
It's about hanging out with "Just a Bunch of Yahoos".  
It's about running some serious miles (up to 200 in 6 days, how's that look in your log?) or not; and enjoying the scenic trails, good food, drink and great camaraderie.  

By now you should be picking your long races for next season... what better way to start your training. 

So give yourself the gift of C4P.



Happy New Year!   Now that the holidays are coming to a close it's time for those not committed to C4P to take FourPlay seriously.  I have many entries in hand and appreciate the fact we have some new blood coming to the event. 
I spent this last week running the trails in Ojai and Point Mugu State Park just to make sure they are still there and not washed away in the torrential rains.  All trails are intact but some required knee deep stream fording and some tread work to keep them just right for your entertainment.  Attached is a picture of the this week's seasonal waterfalls from Chris's aid station below Chamberlain Trail.  So come on down to Southern California and run, walk, party, and laugh with/at your friends at C4P.
Chris and I have secured some truly unique sponsors this year.  You'll have to wait for the event goodie bag to find out, along with other priceless items that you can use during talent night after the 50 miler.
The "deadline" for entries is Monday, January 10.  That's a week away.  Unlike other events, C4P will give you choices.  Not only a choice for the miles you run but the colors of your Shirt, Jacket and Bowling shirt.   This does require some extra lead time so on-time entries would be appreciated.  If you are late in sending in your app I can't guarantee choice of color or gear.   Entries after postmarks of January 10 will cost another $40 but the deadline for these entries is January 21.
Here's the link for the web site where you will find the entry form and other information about the event. 
If you or your friends are interested in working at an aid station, let me know as I will be getting commitments from the volunteers in the next few weeks.
If you have any questions about logistics, where to stay, check the web site first and then drop me an email. 
Happy Trails,


We are full and will not be accepting any other entries for the 2005 event.  Check back with us next year if you missed this one.  



Bring your old running shoes to the event.  Devy Reinstein of Andes Adventures will be collecting shoes for South Americans as part of his adventure running business.  


Who's runnin' it (*...and Scrubin' it)
Name State
Aaron Schwartzbard VA
akabill* HI
Andrew Mitchell CA
Ann Trason CA
Anstr Davidson VA
Barb Miller CA
Beth Epstein CA
Betsy Kapiloff OR
Bill Van Antwerp VA
Blake Wood* NM
Bob Holtel CA
Brandon Sybrowsky WA
Brian Polley CA
Bruce Grant BC Canada
Carl Anderson CA
Carl Laniak GA
Catra Corbett CA
Charlie Crissman WA
Chip Tuthill* CT
Chris Muller CA
Chris Rios CA
Colleen Dulin CO
Darcie Olk CA
Dave Horton* VA
Dave Strong* CO
Dave Terry OR
Deanna Lynn Douglas CA
Don Lundell CA
Eddie Orourke CA
Frances O'Grady BC Canada
Gail Foreshaw BC Canada
George Foreshaw BC Canada
Gillian Robinson CA
Gudrun Fink CA
Howard Cohen* CA
Jasper Mueller CA
Jeff Kozak* CA
Jeff Washburn MA
Jerry Zatorski* CA
Jim Good CA
Jo Ann Beine* CO
Joe Clapper* VA
Joe Lane CA
Joe Pham ??
Justin Angle WA
Karen Guenther CA
Karen Pate CO
Kelly Solverson CA
Ken Hoffman CA
Kim Davidson VA
Kim Gimenez CA
Kristen Sybrowsky WA
Kristina Irvin CA
Lana Allen BC Canada
Laura DeWald VA
Laura Vaughan CA
Laurie Kahn CA
Lee Jebian* CA
Linda Hurd TX
Luis Escobar CA
Lynn Schankliess CA
Margie Schlundt* MD
Mark Wienke CA
Martha Grant BC Canada
Mike French CA
Mike O'Grady BC Canada
Mike Palmer CA
Mylinh Nguyen CA
Pat Devita* CA
Pat Homelvig CO
Patty Bryant CA
Patty Landis CA
Philip Stark CA
Phill Kidoo CA
Ric Hatch AZ
Rich Schick GA
Rick Bohr OR
Rick Miller CA
Rob Fransen BC Canada
Rob Lang BC Canada
Rob McNair CA
Robert Andrulis AZ
Robert Rainey CA
Roch Horton UT
Ruth Carter CA
Sally Marcellus BC Canada
Sarah Leck CA
Scott Jurek WA
Scott Mills* CA
Stan Duobinis* MD
Steve Douglas CA
Steve Reagan CA
Sue Johnson* VT
Tom Nielsen CA
Tony Covarrubias CA
Vicky Devita CA
Walter Edwards WA
William Lawrence CA
Wini Jebian* CA
XY Weiss CA



Best Western Oxnard Inn – Still the best Price

This has been the preferred place to stay due to its central to our running locations, nice rooms and is close to a place to get early morning breakfasts.   Depending on the time of day city traffic and be challenging yet we have survived this location over the years

1156 South Oxnard Boulevard, Oxnard, California, 93030
Phone: 805-483-9581  Toll Free Reservations: 800-469-6273 

I have reserved up to 20 rooms for our event.  You can call them direct at the 805 number above and tell them you are part of the “Coyote Four Play Event”.  All rooms are set up for double occupancy (2 queen beds).  The rate is $89.99 and is good for February 24 - 27.  The Managers name is Glory if you have any problems. 


 Hampton Inn & Suites, located in Camarillo right off the 101 Freeway, is brand new and open for business.    Just ask for the Coyote Four Play event.  Rates may vary depending on availability but we have arranged for $99 rate.  Include continental Breakfast, Jacuzzi, new facility.  This location allows for easy access to Point Mugu State Park and the Freeway to Ojai without the "city" traffic in Oxnard.

50 West Daily Drive
Camarillo, CA 93010
805 389 9898 or 1 800 HAMPTON



Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites is located off Freeway 101 the next exit past Hampton Inn.  They have Jacuzzi, pool and recently refurbished.  The BEST rate of all the hotels and Freeway accessible. They will have continental breakfast special for us once we get people signed up. 


They can offer $82 + tax for a single or double occupancy room.
Our rate does include, FREE Continental Breakfast, FREE High
Speed Internet, FREE Local phone calls.
If you are interested please call for reservations:
805-485-3999 Ext. 419 and ask for Mariella

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
4444 Central Avenue
Camarillo, CA 93010
Phone: 805.485.3999
Fax: 805.485.1820
Reservations: 1.800.Holiday


BREAKING NEWS: The Park Service cancelled our reservation due to flooding.  I will work with them in the coming week to find an alternative.  Stay tuned.

This year we have reserved the La Jolla Valley Group Camp Site for 4 days beginning Thursday night  through Sunday night.  Check in and out is about 2PM. That means that if you want to stay there for FREE you can.  They have showers, picnic tables and a canopy (not waterproof).  This is the same place we finish the 40 miler and the 50K.  There is space for you tent.  No motor homes are allowed here.  Be prepared for any kind of weather (except snow).   If you need camping stuff I have lots of things I can lend out on a first come first serve basis.    If you are interested in camping here, please contact me and I will give you the low down on how this works.  

Camping on your dime

Thornhill Broome Beach (across the street from LaJolla Valley) or Sycamore Canyon (2 miles south on PCH) in Point Mugu State Park:

You can make camping reservations here through ReserveAmerica.com.  Thornhill is right on the beach and has traffic noise from Pacific Coast Highway.  Sycamore Canyon is more secluded, quieter and better sites with trees and pay-as-you-go showers.





C4P Survival Hints:

1. Clothes - yes you must wear clothes for this event and be prepared for anything.  At the higher elevations we may have snow.  Rain can occur any day so bring a wind / rain shell.  Warm and dry clothes for the finish line too.

2. Poison Oak - Don't bring any we have plenty here.  If are sensitive to this, try bringing Tecnu http://www.teclabsinc.com/pro_tecnu.html

3: Directions from Malibu to LAX airport (for your safe trip home)

These are the direction from Pacific Coast Highway (Malibu) to LAX airport. Add 20 minute to get from Point Mugu State Park to Malibu. Also add another 30 minutes to be safe. The 10 and 405 freeways can be a parking lot at times.

From: [32248-32308] Pacific Coast Hwy Malibu, CA 90265 US
To: 1 World Way Los Angeles, CA 90045-5803 US

Driving Directions
1. Start out going South on PACIFIC COAST HWY/CA-1 toward BROAD BEACH RD. Continue to follow CA-1 S. (24.01 miles)
2. Stay straight to go onto I-10 E. (3.39 miles)
3. Merge onto I-405 S via exit number 3B toward LONG BEACH. (4.49 miles)
4. Take the H. HUGHES PKWY exit toward SEPULVEDA BLVD. (0.34 miles)
5. Turn RIGHT onto HOWARD HUGHES PKWY. (0.26 miles)
6. Turn LEFT onto S SEPULVEDA BLVD. (2.04 miles)
7. Turn RIGHT onto ramp. (0.10 miles)
8. Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp. (0.05 miles)
9. Stay straight to go onto ARRIVALS/WORLD WAY N. (0.16 miles)
10. Turn LEFT onto TERMINAL 7/EAST WAY. (0.07 miles)
11. Turn LEFT onto CENTER WAY. (0.24 miles)

Total Estimated Time: 50 minutes
Total Distance: 35.15 miles

To view your driving directions, click on this link:
Driving Directions

MapQuest: Where to go, how to get there!

4. Check for Ticks after your run.  Ticks love me and they will love you too.   Communal tick checking is a great way to get to know your fellow runners on an off the trail.

5. Map of the Santa Monica Mountains with the backbone trail clearly marked.  This also shows access to Pacific Coast Highway and the 101 Ventura Freeway.

6. All newbies must buy a drink for their "newbie sponsors".  All "newbie sponsors" (if on your application) see the RD for free round at the bar. 

7. Bring extra trail markings for Sunday.  If you don't know what I am referring to ask a C4P veteran.  No used trail markings please.

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