Wildlife Encounters

I spend many hours on the trails.  I have seen all kinds of wildlife and often don't have a camera.  On the rare occasions that I do, I have captured some interesting moments on the same day in Point Mugu State Park.  Check these out:

Tarantula Hawk On a gear testing hike Jonathan Stewart and I encountered the Tarantula Hawk.  It had already paralyzed the tarantula and was in the process of dragging it off the trail so it can lay a single egg on the tarantula.  Once the egg hatches, the paralyzed tarantula is eaten alive by the larva until it matures into a flying insect.  Learn more here or here.

Video of the Tarantula Hawk in action.

First Encounter

Dragging the prey

Southern Pacific Rattlesnake On the same hike mentioned above Jonathon had a close encounter with this large rattlesnake.  He was very warm and high strung. We moved him off the trail so others would not be alarmed.

Video of the rattlesnake:

Moving him off the trail

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