Mount Humphreys

This was a very easy peak to bag.

THE HIKE: This starts at North Lake trailhead outside of Bishop, California. The mosquitoes are ravenous on the way in. I ran into a couple that had mosquito netting hats. I would have paid dearly for one. I did however pay in blood. Once you get out of the woods a gentle rising canyon meanders to Pauite Pass. The river cascades from one small stream to another on the left as you approach the pass. You can stop anywhere along the way and take in the view and drop your feet in the water (especially on the way back). Once you cross the pass the real hiking begins. Go right off the trail to the peak. You will climb tarn after tarn. When you have had enough set up camp. It is an easy hike...without the big pack.. to the mountain in the morning.

THE CLIMB: Go tarn hopping and boulder skipping to the base of the peak. You will see a faint diagonal ledge (scree chute) that leads to the saddle on the left side of the peak. Don't get too high early...otherwise you will have to tackle some unstable territory. From that saddle up the chute to a small headwall. Over this and to the summit. You pass some incredible quartz deposits just below the summit. View is pretty incredible. Back down the way you came and you've bagged it.

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