Climbing Mountains and things

Howard on Ice, Palisades Glacier

This is an attempt to keep track of some of the better climbs I have found to be instrumental in my development of being a mountaineer. Some are short some are long with varying levels of commitment. Each of these climbing objectives has taught me something that was valuable in my life. Whether it was a technique I learned, something to avoid, or learned from someone else's mistakes, the mountains provide an education to all willing to open their minds. The links for each below will bring you to some insightful knowledge I gained by climbing these rocks and things.

Mount Whitney East Face (Grade III 5.4) - 14er
Charlotte Dome (Grade II 5.8)
Bear Creek Spire North Arete (Grade II 5.8)
Norman Clyde Peak - Twilight Pillar (Grade III 5.8)
Mount Russell - Fishhook Arete (Grade III 5.9), 14er
Lone Pine Peak East Ridge(Grade II 5.7)
Mount Humphreys North Ridge (Grade II 5.6)
Temple Crag - Sun Ribbon Arete (Grade II 5.8)
Temple Crag - 4th of July Arete (Grade II 5.6)
Spanish Needle (4th class)
Clyde Minaret - Rock Route (4th class)
Sawtooth Peak (3rd class)
Cathedral Peak Yosemite (3rd class)
Mt. Baldy - San Gabriel Mountains (class 2-3)
North Palisade - U Notch (5.6), 14er
Mount Sill -Swiss Arete (5.8)
Wheeler Peak - Nevada (class 2)
Cirque Peak (class 2)
Longs Peak - Colorado (3rd class), 14er
Mount Thompson - Sawtooth Mountains Idaho (Class 3)
Split Mountain - (class 2), 14er
White Mountain (fast the day
after Split Mountain) 14er
Starlight Peak via Starlight Buttress (Grade II 5.6) 14er
Thunderbolt Peak (Grade II 5.5) 14er

Mount Conness West Ridge (Grade II 5.8)

Climbed but not summitted
Mount Ranier - Kautz Route (got to 13,600 feet)
Mount Williamson West Face (got to 14,200 feet)
Clyde Minaret South Face (600 feet off the deck, epic fall by partner)
El Capitan East Face (4 pitches up bad wind and water)

Crags - a brief list of favorites
Dream of Wild Turkeys (Grade II 5.10)- Red Rocks
Figures on a Landscape (5.10b) - Joshua Tree
Solid Gold (5.10a) Joshua Tree
Thin Ice (5.10a) Needles CA
Igor Unchained (5.9) Needles CA
The Howling (5.9) Needles CA
White Punks on Dope (5.9) Needles CA
Inner Sanctum (5.10a) Needles CA
Days of Future Passed (5.10a) Cochise Stronghold (cool picture I found on the web)
What's My Line (5.6) Cochise Stronghold
The Wasteland (5.8) Cochise Stronghold
Serpentine (5.9) Suicide Rocks CA
Fisticuffs (5.9) Joshua Tree
Hesitation (5.10) Suicide Rocks CA
Flower of High Rank (5.9) Suicide Rocks CA
Crime of the Century (5.10) Joshua Tree
O'Kelly Crack (5.10b) Joshua Tree
EBGBs (5.10b) "...well I almost did it....ouch!"
Welcome to Baldy (5.10) Sequoia National Park
T Crack (5.10) Santa Barbara
Needles and Spoons (5.10) Tuolumne
Human Fright (5.10a) Tahquitz
Shit for Brains (5.10a) Tahquitz
FingerTrip (5.8) Tahquitz

Dune Cracks - Woodland Hills CA
Various Constructions projects

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