February 22-25, 2007

This is the last one and we are full

Los Padres Nat’l Forest & Santa Monica Mtns,

Ventura County, CA

Once again C4P returns to the mountains of Southern California.  If you are up for a full week of running reserve of Feb 20-25, 2007 (Presidents’ Holiday is Monday 2/19).  Format remains the same – Scrub Run occupies the 1st two days, the “formal” FourPlay begins on Thursday 2/22 and continues through Sunday 2/25 While we think of ways to dink with the final year’s courses in both locations (think:  oh, boy!! Boner miles!!), you can still count on some great views and challenging terrain... and fully stocked (meow…) aid stations.  Holding off our assessment on the impact of the Day fire in the Los Padres Mountains until the Forest Service folks aren’t so stressed from the fire itself.  More on that when we get solid information from the FS people.


This is an invitational event this year with a few newbies peppered in just for the fun of it.  This is designed for maximum involvement so if you will only anticipate running one or two days, we reserve the right to include those who have signed up who wants to play all four days.


We will provide updates through email and this web site.


H'ard Cohen RD

Chris Scott RD Emeritus


C4P 2007, will begin on Thursday, February 22 and continue through Sunday, February 25.

Y’all (should) know the drill by now – send H’ard 3 months’ worth of your salary, you come visit our trails to run, we maybe tell you where dinner is, you find dinner and entertain us and yourselves, and repeat that for four days.  We give you some sense that you control your destiny by letting you suggest who you want on your bowling team.  Pretty sweet deal, eh? eh? eh?

Wanna do the "Tour de Backbone" Scrub Run?  (took some out) H'ard will be leading this 100K "warm-up" to C4P and running the Backbone Trail on February 20 and 21.  The Backbone Trail continues to be improved with some new sections expected for 2007.  Some of the best trails in the Santa Monica Mountains. This is a great chance to see the trail, run with your buddies and take in some ocean views with brews.  Auditor’s Note:  since this IS the final C4P, we anticipate more than our usual dozen or so clamoring to do the whole Scrub Run shebang (what’s a hebang look like?), but that will only work if we have enough people also willing to help with body schlepping from Finish to Start and/or helping to crew.  Anticipate some contribution to that discussion, should you fall off your rocker and contemplate the Scrub… 

So mark your calendars, take the week off, practice your bowling, work on your talent (ah, the deception of self-perception) and prepare for the final version of this Coyote FourPlay experience.

Entry Details

Lodging (still a work in process)

C4P Survival Hints

Who's running this year?  

Hot Tamales-Patooties-Partyers

Bowling Teams

Directions to Howard's place for Scrub Run Trail Briefing

C4P Map


C4P Program

C4P Schedule

 Look forward to seeing you in February!!! 


Final Results of C4P 2007

Tropical John couldn’t make it this year (cruisin’ the Med, supposedly), so he enlisted Laura Vaughan as substitute Hot Tamale.  And hot she was, shattering not only the women’s records in all four events – think what she could have done had she done the Scrub!! – but setting overall records in all events except for WonderBoy Wood’s Teaser from last year.  That Laura – what a sandbagger!!  (“+” indicates boner miles – Suzanne wins individually, F Troop had too many to log)  If my recorded miles don't match your own worldview, well, as the adage goes, it's your log book...
Over C4P’s ten offerings, H’ard’s eight year streak kept him in front for both 4 and 6 day venues, logging a cosmic 1369 miles (that number matching my college post office box number – ain’t that amazing?!!?), while a few stellar miles behind are Dave Strong (840) and Anstr Davidson (806) in the 4 day category, and JoAnn Beine (959) and Dave Strong (942) in the 6 day category.  In the biggest bang for the buck category, over nine visits the Jebians enjoyed more time on the trails per mile than all others by a noticeable margin.  Superb economy on your parts, kids!!  And through all 10 offerings, y’all logged 5K shy of 55,000 miles, and if done as a relay, you would have consumed close to 2½ years to git ‘er done.  You data freaks could likely extrapolate elevation gain/loss, too, but towards what meaningful end – did we climb a ladder to the moon, then ride the slide back?
Here’s the summary for you UR readership folks:  we had weather, the report on the field will say more about the men’s field than the women’s, women will be noted for how much they smiled while the men will look very determined, the winner will likely go on to write a book or open a blog highlighting his most stellar self, and we couldn’t have pulled it off without the selfless contribution of countless volunteers (thus insuring we could pocket a ton of profits to pay off the RD’s) – [the latter statement (absent the parenthetical) the most veritable of the bunch]. 
As with prior years, for this event at least, I’ve yet to find the words which do justice to the experience.  You’re left with your own challenge of doing the same.  Photo CD will be done once the (known) photographers send me their favorites; I can organize and caption; and H’ard can enlist child labor to do the grunt work.
Happy Trails, kids!!  Hope to see you out on the dirt somewhere…


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C4P from a Coyote Warrior's point of view

Hiroki's Photos

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VHTRC C4P Web site



    "Coyote, Joshua Tree National Park, California" © ImageState   Support out sponsors................they are the best!



Lodging  - UPDATED 2/4/2007

Best Western Oxnard Inn – Still the preferred location

This has been the preferred place to stay due to its central to our running locations, nice rooms and is close to a place to get early morning breakfasts.   Depending on the time of day city traffic and be challenging yet we have survived this location over the years.  This is within walking distance of Sal's where we will have dinner Friday night.   We have reserved 20 rooms at this price.  Chris Scott arranged this so thank him when you see him.

1156 South Oxnard Boulevard, Oxnard, California, 93030
Phone: 805-483-9581  Toll Free Reservations: 800-469-6273 

I have reserved up to 20 rooms for our event.  You can call them direct at the 805 number above and tell them you are part of the “Coyote Four Play Event”.  All rooms are set up for double occupancy (2 queen beds).  The rate is $75.00 and is good for February 22 - 25.  I am sure you can get this extended if you are running the Scrub Run. 


The Managers name is Becky if you have any problems. 


 Hampton Inn & Suites, located in Camarillo right off the 101 Freeway, is brand new and open for business.    Just ask for the Coyote Four Play event.  Rates may vary depending on availability but we arranged for $109 rate or $129 for a Suite (2 beds and a convertible sofa).   Includes continental Breakfast, Jacuzzi, new facility.  This location allows for easy access to Point Mugu State Park and the Freeway to Ojai without the "city" traffic in Oxnard.   The rates are good for February 20 - 27. 

50 West Daily Drive
Camarillo, CA 93010
805 389 9898 or 1 800 HAMPTON


Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites is located off Freeway 101 the next exit past Hampton Inn.  They have Jacuzzi, pool and recently refurbished.  The BEST rate of all the hotels and Freeway accessible. They will have continental breakfast special for us once we get people signed up. 


They can offer $99 + tax for a  double occupancy room is good for February 22 - 25.  CFP is the event code.

Includes: Complimentary deluxe continental breakfast (22-25th) for guests of the hotel, Heated Pool and Spa, Complimentary business center, fresh baked cookies at check-in, free parking, guest laundry facilities, 2 family restaurant adjacent to hotel.


Room Features: Refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, hairdryer, 25” cable TV, work desk with data-port and voicemail, alarm clock/radio, iron and ironing


If problems ask for Melissa.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
4444 Central Avenue
Camarillo, CA 93010
Phone: 805.485.3999
Fax: 805.485.1820
Reservations: 1.800.Holiday


This year we will reserve 2 campsites at Sycamore Canyon for 4 days beginning Thursday night  through Sunday night.  We have also reserved the Group Campsite at LaJolla Canyon for the same 4 days. Check in and out is about 2PM. That means that if you want to stay there for FREE you can.  They have showers at Sycamore Campground, water and picnic tables.  This campground is about 2 miles south of LaJolla Canyon which is where we finish the 40 miler (Saturday) and the 50K (Sunday).  No motor homes are allowed here and limited to 3 cars and 8 people. There is a night time closure in effect, the gates are closed at 10:00 PM. 
No late night arrivals are permitted.
If we need more we will reserve an additional spot.  Be prepared for any kind of weather (except snow).   If you need camping stuff I have lots of things I can lend out on a first come first serve basis.    If you are interested in camping here, please contact me and I will give you the low down on how this works.  

Camping on your dime

Thornhill Broome Beach (across the street from LaJolla Canyon/Valley) in Point Mugu State Park:

You can make camping reservations here through www.ReserveAmerica.com.  Thornhill is right on the beach and has traffic noise from Pacific Coast Highway.  Sycamore Canyon is more secluded, quieter, cheaper and better sites with trees and pay-as-you-go showers.




C4P Survival Hints:

1. Clothes - yes you must wear clothes for this event and be prepared for anything.  At the higher elevations we may have snow.  Rain can occur any day so bring a wind / rain shell.  Warm and dry clothes for the finish line too.

2. Poison Oak - Don't bring any we have plenty here.  If are sensitive to this, try bringing Tecnu http://www.teclabsinc.com/pro_tecnu.html


Directions from LAX to La Jolla Canyon on Pacific Coast Highway

Directions Distance
1: Start out going EAST on WORLD WAY / CENTER WAY. <0.1 miles
2: Turn LEFT to take the CA-1 N / SEPULVEDA BLVD NORTH ramp. 0.2 miles
3: Merge onto S SEPULVEDA BLVD. 2.0 miles
4: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT. 0.1 miles
6: HOWARD HUGHES PKWY becomes ramp. 0.3 miles
7: Merge onto I-405 N. 4.0 miles
8: Merge onto I-10 W toward SANTA MONICA. 4.1 miles
9: I-10 W becomes CA-1 N. 34.0 miles
10:  Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, CA 90265,   Look for signs that say La Jolla Canyon,
Total Est. Time: 59 minutes Total Est. Distance: 45.34 miles

3b: Directions from Malibu to LAX airport (for your safe trip home)

These are the direction from Pacific Coast Highway (Malibu) to LAX airport. Add 20 minute to get from Point Mugu State Park to Malibu. Also add another 30 minutes to be safe. The 10 and 405 freeways can be a parking lot at times.

From: [32248-32308] Pacific Coast Hwy Malibu, CA 90265 US
To: 1 World Way Los Angeles, CA 90045-5803 US

Driving Directions
1. Start out going South on PACIFIC COAST HWY/CA-1 toward BROAD BEACH RD. Continue to follow CA-1 S. (34.01 miles)
2. Stay straight to go onto I-10 E. (3.39 miles)
3. Merge onto I-405 S via exit number 3B toward LONG BEACH. (4.49 miles)
4. Take the H. HUGHES PKWY exit toward SEPULVEDA BLVD. (0.34 miles)
5. Turn RIGHT onto HOWARD HUGHES PKWY. (0.26 miles)
6. Turn LEFT onto S SEPULVEDA BLVD. (2.04 miles)
7. Turn RIGHT onto ramp. (0.10 miles)
8. Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp. (0.05 miles)
9. Stay straight to go onto ARRIVALS/WORLD WAY N. (0.16 miles)
10. Turn LEFT onto TERMINAL 7/EAST WAY. (0.07 miles)
11. Turn LEFT onto CENTER WAY. (0.24 miles)

Total Estimated Time: 59 minutes
Total Distance: 45.15 miles

To view your driving directions, click on this link:
Driving Directions

MapQuest: Where to go, how to get there!

4. Check for Ticks after your run.  Ticks love me and they will love you too.   Communal tick checking is a great way to get to know your fellow runners on an off the trail.

5. Map of the Santa Monica Mountains with the backbone trail clearly marked.  This also shows access to Pacific Coast Highway and the 101 Ventura Freeway.

6. All newbies must buy a drink for their "newbie sponsors".  All "newbie sponsors" (if on your application) see the RD for free round at the bar. 

7. Bring extra "trail markings" for Sunday.  If you don't know what I am referring to ask a C4P veteran.  No used trail markings please.

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