Boney Mountain Trail Run:

Location and Distance: Trail Head at corner of Wendy Drive and Potero Road in Newbury Park, CA
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About 11 miles car to car
Terrain: Fire road, single track, minor bushwack and pavement
Hazards: Washed out single track, minimal Poison Oak, Ticks and rattlesnakes  depending upon time of year
Run time: Car to Car about 1 hours 52 minutes, .... ....  Less now...


Elevation Gain: See the chart below.  The numbers are suspect due to the fact I  could not follow the contour lines perfectly.  Use the profile chart as a guide to relative steepness.
Comments: When I first started running this trail a  Hand pruner with you so we can keep the trail clear was a good idea.  Horseback riders have since found this trail and have widened it.  This trail rarely sees trail work so be prepared for a less groomed and a rockier trail.

Actually this trail is below the Boney Mountain with some great views of the rock formations.  I ran this trail so I finished up at sunset.  The colors of the rocks that are facing west in the setting sun took on a whole new spectacular view.

Noteworthy runs and observations:
-Use of this trail by horses have widened it in sections.
-Found a Salvadora Hexalepis (Western Patch-nosed snake).  This is a rare find in these mountains.
-Got within 15 feet of 3 deer grazing
-Contacted Y2K command center at work on 1/2/00 via radio phone on an extended run on this trail through Serrano Canyon.
-Lead runner in Coyote Four Play race getting lost at the Fossil Trail junction.
-5/19/2001 - 8:15AM:  My first Mountain Lion Sighting within 20 feet (it was a big one!)

Last run: 9/7/98 solo;
9/14/98 HC, George
11/15/98, HC, George, Bryan; ....many undocumented runs....;
7/5/99 solo PM, (1:54).... 
.....   .....  Many more runs.  Too labor intensive to keep track at this point.  
3/24/02 - HC solo, 1 California Newt, 1 deer, great cloud display  .................
12/24/04 - 1:35, 
10/27/06 - 1:47 including 3 water stops and one crap
11/11/06 = Counter clockwise: 1:36 lost my water bottle but used my stash, one phone call spoiled the pace
Variations: Instead of taking the Boney Trail hairpin right turn, continue to the cabin site and Danielson Grave site .2 miles.   Then take the trail to the top of Boney Mountain, up 1:13 walk and run; down :46 bonzia commando run.

revised: 1:00:03 car to summit. 11/2001

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